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Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse

About Alcoholism
Get the latest headlines from the About.com Alcoholism Site.

Holiday Tips - Be Active With Family
On the night of the party I would have attended in the past, I made plans to be active with my family.

Recovery During the Holidays
Some tips on maintaining sobriety and recovery goals during the holiday season from a certified alcoholism and drug dependency counselor.

How To Resist Drinking at Social Events
Not drinking while everyone at the party is can be difficult, but it can be done with preparation and a genuine desire to stay clean and sober.

Holiday Tips - It's Not What's In the Glass
It's not what's in the glass that's important, it's what's in your heart.

Planning a Safe Holiday Party
There are ways to organize fun, yet safe, festivities that will prevent family and friends from becoming the next alcohol- or drug-related statistic.

Holiday Tips - Find a Meeting
Going into an AA meeting where I know no one's name, but yet I know everyone, makes the holidays more bearable. Thank God A.A. is everywhere.

Dealing With the Holidays When New to Recovery
The holiday season can be particularly dangerous time for all people who are in recovery, especially those in early recovery.

Holiday Tips - Get Into the Solution
Someone suggested that anyone having a bad holiday should "get out of the problem and into the solution." Take a good look at what's going on with you.

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
If you or someone you know has an alcohol or drug problem, these quizzes can help you determine if it is time to reach out for help and support.

How Court-Ordered Alcoholics Anonymous Works
If you find yourself facing court mandated attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you probably have questions about what is going to happen next.

Basic Facts About Ketamine
Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic developed in the early 1960s and used in human and veterinary medicine. It is primarily used for anesthesia.

Synthetic Marijuana a Growing Threat
In spite of all the warnings and negative publicity, the use of synthetic cannabinoids is growing rapidly if visits to the E.R. is any indication.

Buprenorphine Maintenance More Effective Than Detox
Patients treated with buprenorphine do better under a maintenance program rather than trying to detox with the medication, research indicates.

The Dangers of the Holiday Season
The holiday season is the most dangerous season of the year, for those trying to maintain sobriety and anyone driving on the public highways.

Should You Refuse a Breathalyzer?
Refusing a breath test might reduce your chances of being convicted of drunk driving if it weren't for implied consent laws in effect in every state.

Can You Have a DUI Conviction Expunged?
After you have completed your drunk driving sentence, you may find that merely having a DUI conviction on your record is punishment in itself.

Why You Should Never Drink and Drive
It's not a question of whether you are legally intoxicated, it's a question of whether or not it is safe to drive when you have consumed any alcohol.

Neighborhoods Can Influence Teen Drug Use
Parents and communities need to be aware that visible drug activity in the neighborhood greatly increases the risk of teen illicit drug use.

Vivitrol Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction
Vivitrol is an extended-release formulation of naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist used in the treatment of alcoholism and opioid addiction.

Daily Drinkers at Risk for Serious Liver Disease
If you are a daily drinker, you can reduce your risk of developing liver disease significantly if you start planning several alcohol-free days a week.

Alcohol and drug abuse

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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