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Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse

About Alcoholism
Get the latest headlines from the About.com Alcoholism Site.

Developing Healthy Relationships to Maintain Abstinence
If you are trying to maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol, it is very important that you develop positive, healthy relationships during recovery.

Early Abstinence From Drugs and Alcohol
The toughest part of trying to recover from alcohol and drug problems comes during the early abstinence stage when a number of issues arise.

Talk With Others Trying to Quit
Since 1997, the Alcoholism site at About.com has offered visitors the opportunity to talk with others who are trying to find and maintain sobriety.

Treatment Initiation - Seeking Help
The first stage of recovery from alcohol or drug abuse is reaching out for help and seeking some kind support, treatment or rehabilitation.

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
If you or someone you know has an alcohol or drug problem, these quizzes can help you determine if it is time to reach out for help and support.

The Dangers of Impaired Driving
If you have only had a couple of drinks and are far from being legally intoxicated, it still probably at good idea not to be driving a vehicle.

Addiction Is a Chronic Brain Disease
Addiction is a chronic brain disease that is more about the neurology of the brain rather than the outward manifestations of behavioral problems and poor choices.

Smoking More Harmful for Recovering Alcoholics
Research indicates that alcoholics, even recovering alcoholics, are at greater risk for the negative health effects of smoking than other smokers.

Continuing to Party During Pregnancy Can Cause Birth Defects
Continuing a partying lifestyle during pregnancy can have devastating and lifelong effects on children affected by their mothers' drinking and drugging.

Domestic Abuse Screening Quiz
Is your relationship like most other couples or has it developed into a truly abusive one? Take this quiz to determine if your relationship is considered abusive.

Safety Tips for College Drinkers
College students who drink alcohol may get themselves into trouble, not because of how much they drink, but because of their risk-taking attitudes.

Colleges Failing at Curbing Binge Drinking
If you are sending children off to college this year you may not find much comfort in the fact that most colleges fail in trying to curtail unsafe drinking.

Who Are the Campus Problem Drinkers?
Some students go through their college experience without developing a drinking problem. Others, however, quickly become extreme binge drinkers.

How Can I Help an Alcoholic or Addict?
Sometimes when the families of addicts face a crisis situation their first response is to rush in and help, when the best thing may be to do nothing.

Changing Student Perceptions Can Reduce Alcohol Abuse
Many college students drink excessively because they believe everyone drinks to get drunk. Changing that perception can reduce alcohol consumption.

'Extreme Drinking' Dangerous for College Students
Although 40 percent of college freshmen say they binge drink a new study has found than up to 20 percent of male students go far beyond that threshold.

College Drinking, Drug Use Grows More Extreme
Since 1993, the number of college students who binge drink has remained about the same, but the intensity of excessive drinking has jumped sharply.

Dealing With Having an Relapse
If you tried to quit drinking or using drugs but had a relapse, you're not alone. Statistics indicate that up to 90% of people have at least one.

Teen Girls More Vulnerable to Substance Abuse
Parents of teenaged girls may think their daughters are less likely to use drugs and alcohol than boys, but the research doesn't support that notion.

Avoid Substituting Addictions to Maintain Abstinence
It is easy for alcoholics and addicts new to recovery to substitute one addiction for another, becoming obsessive or compulsive about other behaviors.

Alcohol and drug abuse

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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