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Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse

About Alcoholism
Get the latest headlines from the About.com Alcoholism Site.

Even Casual Marijuana Use Causes Changes in the Brain
MRI images show that even casual marijuana use can cause significant changes in brain regions associated with motivation and decision making.

Cocaine Frequently Asked Questions
How is cocaine used? What are the short and long-term effects of using cocaine? Get the answers to these and other cocaine questions.

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
If you or someone you know has an alcohol or drug problem, these quizzes can help you determine if it is time to reach out for help and support.

Spouses of Alcoholics Benefit From Online Help
Spouses or partners living with an alcoholic can learn coping skills and reduce distress, depression and anger through an online training program.

Don't Be Afraid of Alcohol Withdrawal
If t you have been hesitant to try to quit drinking because you are concerned the withdrawals may be too severe, there are ways to reduce those symptoms.

What Is a Functional Alcoholic?
Many people think of alcoholics as disheveled, homeless winos who have lost everything, but there could be an alcoholic sitting near you at work.

The Effects of Growing Up With an Alcoholic
Children who grow up in homes where there is active alcoholism can get many mixed messages about how they should interact with others, both in the family and the outside world.

Alcohol Awareness: 7 Facts You Need to Know
Alcohol itself is not inherently evil. When used responsibly, alcohol can turn social gatherings into pleasant and enjoyable experiences.

Alcohol Awareness: Are Kids Getting the Message?
Alcohol and drug prevention messages can help counteract the negative influences adolescents receive, but only if they actually get the message.

Alcohol Awareness Is For All Ages
Many of the efforts associated with Alcohol Awareness Month each April are targeted at preventing underage drinking, but other groups are affected too.

The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on Children
One major misconception that many alcoholics and addicts seem to have is that their drinking or substance abuse only affects them, not anyone else.

Even Occasional Drug Use Can Be Dangerous
One misconception connected to the increase in prescription drug abuse by teens is that using drugs is safe as long as you only do it once in a while.

Home Pregnancy Tests Lead to Healthier Newborns
Having a home pregnancy test handy can lead women to seek prenatal care earlier and stop harmful behaviors - such as smoking and drinking.

What Can I Expect at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program?
If you have never been to a residential treatment facility, you may have some misconceptions about what does and does not take place during rehab.

Why Do Alcoholics Decide to Quit Drinking?
If you are close to an alcoholic in your life, chances are you have tried everything to get them to see that they have a problem and need to get help.

Is Marijuana Addictive?
The vast majority of pot smokers do not develop a marijuana addiction, but some smokers do develop all of the symptoms of an actual addiction after chronic marijuana use.

Is a DUI a Felony?
In most situations a conviction for driving under the influence is a misdemeanor, but there are circumstances upon which a DUI can be a felony.

9 Tips for Cutting Back on Drinking
Here are some tips and tricks that others have used to succesfully cut down on the amount of alcohol they consume.

Is There Medication That Will Reduce Alcohol Craving?
Many drinkers who have become alcohol dependent then try to quit experience not only withdrawal symptoms but also report having cravings for alcohol.

Valerie's Story of Alcoholic Liver Disease
I stopped eating and finally ended up in ER a couple of times before they diagnosed the liver failure and the rest. I was dying. The doctors just gave up.

Alcohol and drug abuse

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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