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Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse

About Alcoholism
Get the latest headlines from the About.com Alcoholism Site.

10 Places Your Kids Hide Their Drugs
If you suspect that your kids are doing illegal drugs, don't hesitate to search their rooms for evidence, because you are ultimately responsible.

Free Alcohol and Drug Rehab and Recovery Programs
My husband lost his job and started drinking heavily and now he wants to get help to quit drinking. But we have little money and no insurance. What can we do?

Aging Baby Boomers and Alcohol
As more than 10,000 baby boomers a day are turning 65 years old, many of them may need to adjust their attitudes toward alcohol consumption.

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
If you or someone you know has an alcohol or drug problem, these quizzes can help you determine if it is time to reach out for help and support.

Sobriety Does Not Have to Make You Miserable
Most people who find recovery are happy they are free and no longer addicted, but others are downright miserable being clean and sober.

Mixing Alcohol and Medication Can Cause Harmful Interactions
If you are taking medication, evern some over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies, drinking alcohol can have serious consequences.

The Effects of 'Bath Salts'
Little research has been done on the health effects of synthetic cathinones, known as bath salts, but officials say they pose serious health risks.

Flakka More Dangerous Than Bath Salts
Health officials are concerned about the growing number of negative reactions to a new synthetic drug called Flakka, a souped up version of bath salts.

How to Help a Victim of Domestic Violence
There are really no guidelines for the perfect way to help a victim of domestic violence, sometimes just being there is enough.

How Drinking During Pregnancy Causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Advanced MRI imaging has revealed what happens in the brain of children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb to cause fetal alcohol syndrome problems.

Parents, Students Can Help Keep Prom Night Safe
Each year across the United States, hundreds of teens are killed or injured in alcohol-related accidents connected with their prom night celebrations.

Alcohol Awareness: Types of Alcohol Problems
You don't have to be a full-blown alcoholic to experience problems with alcohol consumption. You don't have to be a daily drinker to have a problem.

Binge Drinking Impairs Decision Making
A four-year study of 200 college students found that those who drink heavily and started drinking at an early age have poor decision-making skills.

Legalizing Marijuana Sends Youth the Wrong Message
Health officials are concerned that the trend toward legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use sends the wrong message to those who are most vulnerable to its effects.

Attention and Memory Affected by Binge Drinking
If you are 25 years or younger and you drink to excess even once a week, your brain may exhibit some deficits. Your ability to pay attention and use your visual working memory could be compromised.

Even Casual Marijuana Use Causes Changes in the Brain
MRI images show that even casual marijuana use can cause significant changes in brain regions associated with motivation and decision making.

Cocaine Frequently Asked Questions
How is cocaine used? What are the short and long-term effects of using cocaine? Get the answers to these and other cocaine questions.

Spouses of Alcoholics Benefit From Online Help
Spouses or partners living with an alcoholic can learn coping skills and reduce distress, depression and anger through an online training program.

Don't Be Afraid of Alcohol Withdrawal
If t you have been hesitant to try to quit drinking because you are concerned the withdrawals may be too severe, there are ways to reduce those symptoms.

What Is a Functional Alcoholic?
Many people think of alcoholics as disheveled, homeless winos who have lost everything, but there could be an alcoholic sitting near you at work.

Alcohol and drug abuse

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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