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Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse

About Alcoholism
Get the latest headlines from the About.com Alcoholism Site.

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
If you or someone you know has an alcohol or drug problem, these quizzes can help you determine if it is time to reach out for help and support.

Marijuana Problem Screening Quiz
Some people smoke marijuana without any problem, but for others it can cause a lot of problems in their life.

The Dangers of Smoking for Alcoholics
Smoking tobacco is dangerous for everyone, but it is even more so for alcoholics -- including those who are in recovery and sober.

Smoking Tobacco Can Jeopardize Successful Recovery
Unfortunately, one of the stumbling blocks for many recovering alcoholics in developing a healthy lifestyle is the fact that most of them use tobacco.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Quiz
Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit drinking? Are your symptoms mild, moderate or severe?

The Effects of LSD on the Brain
LSD obviously affects the brains of those who use it, distorting and altering their perceptions and sensations, but science really does not completely understand specifically the effects the drug has on the human brain.

Do You Need a Drunk Driving Attorney?
You have a right to an attorney in a drunk driving case, just as you do in any court proceeding, but the question is in this day and time will hiring a DUI lawyer really help or merely end up being another in a long line of expenses.

How Does a Drunk Driving Conviction Affect Your Insurance?
If you are convicted of drunk driving, in most states your automobile insurance rates are likely going to go up significantly for at least three years.

Does a DUI Arrest Equal a Drinking Problem?
Most states make the assumption that a drunk driver has a drinking problem and they mandate alcohol evaluation, education and treatment.

Top Alcohol and Drug Stories of 2014
The top alcohol and drug news stories of 2014 included the increase in the use of synthetic marijuana by all ages revealed by an increase in E.R. visits.

Top Substance Abuse Research Findings of 2014
Many of the top substance abuse research findings in 2014 had to do with factors that either increase and reduce underage drinking by today's youth.

The Cures and Remedies for Hangovers
People who do not drink alcohol do not get hangovers. Therefore, the best cure for a hangover is to prevent it from happening in the first place by not drinking.

The Causes of a Hangover
Hangovers are caused by a variety of factors including the direct effect of alcohol on the systems of the body as well as other factors associated with drinking behavior.

What Happens If You Are Arrested for DUI?
If you have been arrested for drunk driving for the first time, you are probably wondering what is going to happen next.

10 Things That Happen If You Get a DUI
There are a lot of things that happen if you are convicted of drunk driving in the United States, none of them are fun and most of them are expensive.

Celebrating the Holidays in Recovery
For many in recovery the holiday season is not depressing or dangerous, it's a joyful and happy time, not a time of fear and worry.

Holiday Tips - Do Volunteer Work
I find that it takes a lot of will power on my own and to do the foot work that is necessary to stay clean and sober one day at a time.

Enjoying the Holidays in Sobriety
The holidays can be a dangerous time for those who are new to trying to stay sober, but for those who have some time in recovery, the season can be once again filled with fun and joy, rather that fear and stress.

Holiday Tips - Make Backup Plans
I could only stay with family for one or two hours and then leave. I made other plans to back me up.

Holiday Tips - Be Active With Family
On the night of the party I would have attended in the past, I made plans to be active with my family.

Alcohol and drug abuse

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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