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Reproductive health

How to find balance in intimate hygiene

(NC)-Many women do not like to talk about intimate feminine hygiene. They are embarrassed talking about itches, offensive odors and infections. Instead o buying curative products, they would rather find an effective, preventive gel to address their feminine hygiene issues.

Many young girls and women view intimate cleansing as a way to eliminate germs. If it used to be embarrassing to talk about irritations, itches, offensive odours, and infections, today's women know more and require products that better suit their needs.

An inappropriate intimate cleansing

Intimate cleansing is necessary but does not have to be excessive since it can harm the natural bacteria flora where millions of bacteria blend harmoniously. a balance achieved between all these bacteria that coexist to prevent infections. Frequent vaginal douches and the use of aggressive soaps, antiseptics or extended bubble baths can harm and dry up the vaginal area.

Intimate hygiene is necessary in order to prevent vaginal infections and maintain good body health, and to curb our numerous doctors' appointments in an attempt to cure these vaginal infections or other discomforts.

Inappropriate intimate hygiene and products can increase the risk of developing infections. Gynecologists say that near half of doctors' visits could be prevented by using a product that is suited specifically for the vaginal area. In addition, it is recommended to change tampons and sanitary napkins frequently during menstrual periods since they can potentially increase dampness and temperature. Also, avoid wearing g-strings, synthetic underwear or tight-fitting pants every day.

You would not use a lotion for your feet on your face's sensitive skin? Or a body soap to wash your hair? It is important to use a product designed and uniquely formulated by gynecologists and dermatologists exclusively for women's daily intimate cleansing? Products like that, already exist and are now available in drugstores.

A balanced pH

Introduced by Canada Blue Skin Laboratories Inc., design, development and distribution specialist of personal hygiene products, this new Fresh Control line with a pH level of 5.5 includes an Intimate Cleansing Gel and biodegradable disposable towelettes. Handy, compact and easy to bring with us, these thicker and ultra soft towelettes are easy to use whenever we need to feel fresh during trips whether it is for business or pleasure, at the office or before a doctor's appointment.

But what is a pH for? An imbalance in the pH level can harm the natural bacteria flora that can create the conditions for yeast infections or mycosis. To maintain proper intimate hygiene, it is essential to comply with the pH level (5.5) in order to preserve a woman's natural hygienic balance. Not only is the intimate hygiene essential for our well-being, but it also reduces bacterial overgrowth.

Useful tips for intimate hygiene

By using an effective, preventive product and by following some practical tips, we can avoid and prevent these infections and recurrent vaginitis. For those who suffer from these infections, they can be annoying, unpleasant and indisputably irritating. They can occur frequently but can be cured easily with antibiotics.

Guillaume Barnouin, Canada Blue Skin Laboratories' director, a leader and innovator in feminine hygiene products, shares a few tips with us on obtaining and maintaining optimal intimate hygiene:

  • Use suitable products for intimate cleansing on a regular basis such as a hypo-allergenic soap-free ultra soft cleansing basis product. The Fresh Control Intimate Gel is ideal due to its physiological pH level of 5.5 that preserves a woman's natural hygienic balance.
  • Avoid using scented products and deodorant.
  • Change tampons and sanitary napkins frequently during menstrual periods.
  • Wear clean cotton underwear and change them at least once a day in case of excessive perspiration (after physical effort or weather conditions such as heat and dampness).
  • Do not wear underwear when sleeping because the dampness can cause bacterial overgrowth.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants and skin-tight nylons everyday because they can potentially increase dampness and temperature therefore increase the risk of yeast growth.

Since an imbalance in the pH level can harm the natural bacteria flora that can create the conditions for yeast infections or mycosis, gynecologists recommend the use of an intimate gel like Fresh Control with a suitable 5.5 pH level that respects natural balance.

Products suitable for intimate feminine hygiene are available in drugstores in the feminine intimate hygiene section.

Exclusive on the market, the Fresh Control ultra soft cleansing products play an important role in reducing the risk of developing repeated vaginal infections but above all, frequent doctors' visits due to their 5.5 pH level that preserves a woman's natural hygienic balance. Since this soap-free cleansing gel preserves the natural skin pH level, by using it every day, no matter how old we are, it is a simple and effective way to prevent infections. The gel and intimate towelettes are risk-free for pregnant women since the products have no contraindications. Mainly designed for women, the products are also suitable for men, children and babies. The products are available in drugstores at the feminine intimate hygiene section.

You can find more information at www.blueskin.ca.

Courtesy NewsCanada

Reproductive health

Web resources

Women's Web is very pleased to recommend Hyster Sisters, the premier web site for information and support for women pre- and post- hysterectomy.

The site itself is neither pro- nor anti-hysterectomy, but is intended, through its message boards and articles, to provide support and kindness in order to help women make decisions for themselves.

Hyster Sisters has been featured in USA Today and continues to be the place women turn to when looking for support and answers. Do be sure to visit Hyster Sisters and its online shop for books and other resources relating to hysterectomy.


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